Valorya Carthidian
Titles Queen (formerly)
Queen dowager
Age 40+
Origin Lenwyck, Vyssar
Allegiance Vyssarion dynasty
Carthidian family
Religion The Three Gods
Family Alexandyr Carthidian (father)
Narrya Morrien (mother)
Christophyr Carthidian (brother)
Draco Vyssarion (husband)

Queen Valorya Vyssarion (nee Carthidian) was a Vyssari queen born in Lenwyck and wed to King Draco Vyssarion. She has one older brother, Christophyr who she is on very close terms with. It is unknown so far how good she is on terms with her father Alexandyr and mother Narrya, but her father was titled Lord Aide of Vyssar by King Ethan Vyssarion, Draco's nephew and heir.

Valorya is described to be tall, slim with black flowing hair and intimidating, icy blue eyes. This description matches her brother and father too, and is considered to be a family trait of the Carthidians.