King Draco Vyssarion
Titles King of Vyssar
Lord of Castle Angarth
Age 30+
Death Death by poison
Died at Castle Angarth
Origin Mirroth, Vyssar
Allegiance Vyssarion dynasty
Religion The Three Gods
Family Damien Vyssarion (father)
Merietta Carthidian (mother)
Valorya Carthidian (wife)
Jason Vyssarion (brother)
Ethan Vyssarion (nephew)
Jalan Vyssarion (niece)
Daniel Vyssarion (nephew)
Ivar Thorir (illegitimate son)
Emma Thorir (illegitimate daughter)

King Draco II Vyssarion was a Vyssari king and the Lord of Castle Angarth prior to the beginning of the books. He was known by many (including Valorya Carthidian, his wife) as an 'honourable man' and a 'good leader.' He was known to have brown hair and a good personality.

Draco had a love affair on Valorya with Queen Aerin Vermynd of Valungard, who was married at the time to King Daril Thorir of Witehold Keep. This did not become public knowledge.

Draco was poisoned at Castle Angarth by himself as an act of suicide to make sure the affair never became public knowledge.